Improving Whole Core Characterization with Automated Log Generation in PerGeos

Gwenole Tallec - Thermo Fisher Scientific - Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Core Profile Extension, available for PerGeos, provides a powerful toolset for visualization and analysis of whole core CT data. Within this extension the user can load and visualize an entire wells worth of CT data as well as performing detailed analysis of geological and chemical features by utilizing the powerful image analysis library fundamental to PerGeos.

In this example, we illustrate the usefulness of core profile in augmenting traditional core analysis routines and providing robust data for geological and petrophysical analysis.

How PerGeos is used

A processing step unique to PerGeos allows the cores barrel to be intelligently removed, the core to be re-oriented if it is not perfectly vertical, and all the cores to be stitched together regardless of the total size. These steps are achieved automatically without any interaction from the user. The data are then stitched into a single file from 100+ individual cores–generating file sizes that rapidly surpass 100s GB in size. Users, however, are still able to visualize the data via a proprietary multi-resolution file format ( LDM ) allowing an immediate and complete visualization independently of the machine power. This allows a user to browse in real time an entire 3D digital well of 100+ cores and apply post-processing operations such as logs generation from image segmentation and analysis without investing in specialized hardware.