Pore network analysis of Brae Formation sandstone, North Sea

Paul-Ross Thomson; Mark Jefferd; Brett L. Clark; Domenico Chiarella; Tom Mitchell; Saswata Hier-Majumder - Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London; University College, London; Natural History Museum, London

Generating an accurate reservoir model is of critical importance in forecasting the lifespan of hydrocarbon reservoirs and estimating the efficiency of carbon capture and sequestration. One critical parameter controlling the flow of fluids within subsurface reservoirs is the fraction of effective or connected pore spaces in the reservoir. […]

To quantify the connectivity of the pore space, it is therefore necessary to combine high resolution visualization of pore spaces with bulk measurements.

How PerGeos is used

We carried out the image analysis and simulations using the software PerGeos – Thermo Fisher Scientific. […] The pore network model extension in PerGeos uses a hybrid algorithm ┬áto erode the 3D pore geometry into a one voxel thick skeleton. A finite volume solver (from the Petrophysics module in PerGeos) was used to calculate the flow of water through the effective pore space.