Heterogeneity Logs in PerGeos 1.5

Gwenole Tallec - Thermo Fisher Scientific - Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Core Profile workspace of PerGeos already provides the right tools to visualize logs, CT cores, Bore Hole images and Photographs.

A unique preprocessing step allows the cores barrel to be intelligently removed, the core to be re-oriented if it is not perfectly vertical, and all the cores to be stitched together regardless of the total size.

This allows a user to browse in real time an entire 3D digital well of 100+ cores and apply post-processing operations such as logs generation from image segmentation and analysis.

How PerGeos is used

Given the great ability to automate analysis with scripting, a script module computing the heterogeneity logs described in the referenced paper has been developed and successfully applied on different whole cores. Thus, what appeared to be a painful manual task is now fully automated and applicable to the whole core in a few mouse clicks.

CoreProfile represents plugs and sub-plugs digital images and petrophysical results through the link annotation interface. That way, the results can be cross-checked with the depth and the associated logs. At any time, a new porosity / permeability / MICP simulation can be run from the microCT sub-plug in the PerGeos workspace.