Major advance in well bore analysis with CT inspection

Nikon - Nikon

Premier, COREX has been providing core analytical services to the oil and gas industry for more than 30 years. Within the last decade it has augmented its rock core investigations by sending samples for analysis approximately every week to Nikon Metrology’s centre of excellence for micro-focus computed tomography (micro-CT) in Tring, Hertfordshire.

Drilling for oil or gas is an expensive business, whether offshore or on land, so it is essential for E&P (exploration and production) companies to minimise the risk that their planned drilling operations will fail or not meet target yield. Aberdeen-based Premier, COREX, part of the Premier Oilfield Group and a leading global provider of core analytical services to the oil and gas industry, is the preferred supplier of data for risk mitigation to operators worldwide. Customers are to be found worldwide through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to the USA and Australia.

How PerGeos is used

“Three-dimensional change modelling from scan data using our Avizo visualization and analysis software is an excellent tool for seeing how the rock is actually altering over time.”

The images and data sets produced can show, thanks to Avizo Software, grain size and shape, pore size and network, cements and mineralogy and can potentially visualize fluids and saturation.